Welcome to Our Website

All praise is for the One who brought into existence the skies and grounds. And peace and salutations upon the one whom was a prophet when Ādam was between water and soil; and upon his household and companions. To proceed:

Welcome to the Sadr Ul Ulama Academy website. We are a UK based academy focused on spreading knowledge of Islamic sciences via publishing of literature, creation of videos, social media interactions or through courses and events. We are excited and pleased to be able to share with you our works and ongoing efforts to contribute to your Islamic learning journey. This website will continue to change and evolve as we continue to improve and polish its functions and pages.

Our website currently provides a simple overview of our organisation and of our namesake, Sadr ul Ulama Sayyid Ghulām Jilānī Merthī whilst allowing customers to purchase our products or register for our events. Over time we hope to spend add more detailed content on this website in order to facilitate our principal objective – the dissemination of knowledge. There are a number of mediums we hope to capitalise upon and in the coming months, by the Will of Allah, you will see the fruits of our labour very soon.

Our team of talented and dedicated volunteers work under the guidance of the son of Sadr Ul Ulama – Sayyid Allamah Irfani Miya (may Allah protect him). Alongside his sons, from eldest to youngest, Sayyid Hamdani, Sayyid Samdani and Sayyid Zarkani he coordinates the activities of the organisation and provides insightful advice and suggestions to support our activities. Currently, we work to publish literature in the English language whether they are translations of classical texts or perhaps original literature. We have also taken a step into producing Arabic reprints of classical dars-e-nizami texts which will be available very shortly.

We know that not everyone can find it appropriate to learn from literature like that mentioned above so we now provide a Q&As service exclusively on our Instagram page so be sure to follow us. On top of that we have a range of other mediums which we are looking to populate very soon in the hope of perpetuating the mission of Sadr ul Ulama.

If you like what we do and would like to be a part of it then we welcome anyone who can spare some time. If you have any technical skills like working in the Adobe Creative Suite or using WordPress then do contact us listing your experience and abilities. Location is not a problem as our workflow for most projects is conducive to remote workers.

It would not be appropriate for us to end this blog post without giving thanks to our team of volunteers who we are infinitely thankful for their wise counsel and never-ending support. We hope our allegiance in striving for individual and communal betterment never ends and our kinship maintains and becomes ten folds stronger. It is without doubt that the muslim community across the world has supported us in our endeavours up until now and continue to do so. We simply cannot thank each one of them enough. In return, we hope to be capable of repaying your faith and trust by producing worthy products and services of the Sadr ul Ulama name.

"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave."

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)