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Merit of Knowledge and Scholars


A detailed look into the merits of knowledge and scholars with Quranic verses and Prophetic narrations.


All praise is to Allāh; the All-Knowing. May peace, blessings, and salutations descend upon the perfected chosen one who knew what came before and what is to come after; the beloved of Allah; our master, the Messenger of Allah; and upon his family and companions, the upholders of etiquette and honour.

"Between the Prophets and the one whom death approaches - whilst seeking knowledge in order to revive Islam - is one level in Paradise."
"Verily, the ‘Ulamā are the inheritors of the Prophets who leave only their knowledge behind as their legacy; not dirham, nor dinar."
This translation of ‘The Merit of Knowledge and Scholars’ by Shaykh Muḥammad Naqī ‘Alī Khān al-Qādirī  expands on the methodology of the scholars - discussing the virtues of seeking sacred knowledge and the merits that ensue.

This book is a must have for all students of knowledge who wish to combine sincere intentions with the best of etiquette; with both their teachers and their study of the Deen.

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