About Sadr ul Ulama Academy


Sadr ul Ulama Academy was established on Thursday, 12th January 2017 by Hadrat Allamah al-Sayyid Muhammad Irfani Miya Sahib, the son of Hudur Sadr al-Ulama with the aim to propagate the works and teachings of Hudur Sadr al-Ulama and make religious knowledge accessible for english-speaking Muslims by the provision of literature in the English language to teach the Dars-e-Nizami syllabus. Another major aim of the Academy is to translate Islamic literature from Arabic and Urdu to the English language, to allow those settled in anglophone countries to benefit from the works of our great scholars of the past.

Reading is not for everyone. So we have taken a different approach by organising courses, events or retreats where we can interact with elders, adults or children and teach them practically.

We would like to thank all those who have helped towards our works; whether that be in the form of proofreading, composing or providing financial support. May Allah reward them all for their efforts and shower mercy upon them.