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Daily Duas Learning Cards


Daily Duas – a fun and dynamic educational card game for all of the family. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, the daily life a Muslim is full of opportunities for the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Daily Duas features 52 illustrated cards, each containing a dua from the Quran and sunnah for everyday activities. Whether you test yourself or play with your family and friends, they make memorising and reciting duas easy and fun for everyone. And with 52 cards, there is plenty to learn and enjoy. Order yours today and illuminate your entire family’s daily life with the remembrance of Allah Almighty.

Finding Inner Peace


This concise work by the tenth-century jurist and sage, Imam Abu Layth Samarqandi is a perfect antidote to our state, awakening the believer from his slumber by detailing ten of the major sins and their punishments, before inspiring us to greater heights with a detailed description of Paradise and its bounties. Translated into English by Mawlana Ali Asghar, this work is an essential read for all who desire to find inner peace.