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Daily Du’as – a fun and dynamic educational card game for all of the family. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, the daily life a Muslim is full of opportunities for the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Daily Duas features 52 illustrated cards, each containing a dua from the Quran and sunnah for everyday activities. Order yours today and illuminate your entire family’s daily life with the remembrance of Allah Almighty.

Our Inspiration


Every parent and teacher aspires for their child to be able to have the strongest connection to their Lord possible. However, sometimes we are unable to instil this within them. As teachers ourselves we grew frustrated with outdated methods of teaching and decided to take to the drawing board and work up fresh current resources to help children learn whilst enjoying themselves.

What makes the cards

Each supplication has been carefully typed exactly as mentioned. Our team of scholars have combed through numerous traditional works of supplications and corpus of prophetic narration paying close attention to variations and selecting the most complete version. Supplications range from the ones every child would need to know like, what to pray when waking up to before you eat. The pack also includes daily worship duas for example, all the supplications in wudu [ablution], salaah [prayer] and many more actions.

Each card fascia has been illustrated with a clear design code which allows your child to understand exactly which action is taking place in each image allowing for swifter recall and easier to learn duas. The silk laminated finish keeps them looking fresh and protected from scratches and rounded corners protects against any paper cuts. The cards can be played either alone or with friends and family by placing them illustrated side up on a table and taking turns recalling supplications. The person with the most cards wins.

We have employed several typography techniques like using contrasting colours to make it easier for your child to read the Arabic and English text for them to quickly learn each of the supplications. With clear separation from the Arabic and English text and both sized so they maximise the space on the cards making it easier for children to read them at a distance. A consistent layout and design between each card allows each child to comfortably understand where to find information quickly and accurately.