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Book Spotlight: Forty Divine Narrations

Forty Divine Narrations is the translation of the renowned ḥadith text of Imām al-Qāḍī Yūsuf al-Nabhāni (1849–1932), a Shāfiʿī jurist and Levantine gnostic. In it, he has compiled forty integral aḥādīth [prophetic narrations], on topics ranging from the core fundamental monotheistic belief of Islam to remedies of one’s affairs in accordance to the sharīʿah and […]

Book Spotlight: Merit of Knowledge and Scholars

This translation of ‘The Merit of Knowledge and Scholars’ by Shaykh Muḥammad Naqī ‘Alī Khān al-Qādirī  expands on the methodology of the scholars – discussing the virtues of seeking sacred knowledge and the merits that ensue. A guide for the seeker who aims to travel the path of knowledge and remove himself from the state […]

Book Spotlight: Al-Sarf Al-Jilani

Our first book was a primer on the science of arabic etymology [ṣarf] which was a huge success. Our aim and objective was to make the learning of the foundation of arabic language simple and easy to digest. We learnt a great deal from this process and made a lot of changes to our workflow […]