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The Invocation Prayer (Salat al-Tasbih)

All praise is for Allah, the creator, Nourisher – only one worthy of worship, the divine. Salutations, peace and blessing be upon our Master, the beloved of God, Abi al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abdillah, his family, companions and all those who follow in their footsteps until the last day.  Salat in Arabic linguistically means prayer. The […]

Beyond the Headscarf

This beautiful sunnah of shyness, modesty and innocence is an integral aspect of shaping a part of an individual. A time where our fellow Islamic brothers and sisters are gradually drifting away from knowledge only to become lost leaves in the wind. In a time where the value of hijab is being increasingly doubted, distrusted […]

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Deen During Lockdown

Right now, over half the world’s population is in lockdown as we try and stop the spread of Covid-19. Many people are struggling to adjust to these changes to their lifestyles and routines, and most of us are experiencing a whole range of emotions from boredom to anxiety. If you’re one of these people, don’t […]

The 15th of Sha’baan

With the middle of Sha’ban quickly approaching it is important to remind ourselves of the virtues of such a time and what we should do to seize the opportunity. Virtues and Merits The fifteenth night of Sha’ban, known in Arabic as Layla al-Nisf Min Sha’ban (the middle night of Sha’ban) or Layla al-Bara’h is one […]