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Author: Ustadh Umer Asif

The Invocation Prayer (Salat al-Tasbih)

All praise is for Allah, the creator, Nourisher – only one worthy of worship, the divine. Salutations, peace and blessing be upon our Master, the beloved of God, Abi al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abdillah, his family, companions and all those who follow in their footsteps until the last day.  Salat in Arabic linguistically means prayer. The […]

Types of Hadith Books

The term ḥadīth—refers to the sayings (qawl), actions (fiʿl) and tacit approval (taqrīr) of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him). Many different types of books have been written on the subject of ḥadīth. They have been categorised into different types by the hadith masters (ḥuffāẓ). Some of them will be mentioned below. Al-Jawamiʾ […]

Beyond the Headscarf

This beautiful sunnah of shyness, modesty and innocence is an integral aspect of shaping a part of an individual. A time where our fellow Islamic brothers and sisters are gradually drifting away from knowledge only to become lost leaves in the wind. In a time where the value of hijab is being increasingly doubted, distrusted […]

Event Review: Youth Adventure Day

Sadr ul Ulama Academy successfully organised and executed another event this past Sunday with twenty young lads in attendance from the north-west. In this blog post we hope to outline the need for such an event and what the participants took part in. The aim and objective of this event was to bond with a […]

Book Spotlight: Forty Divine Narrations

Forty Divine Narrations is the translation of the renowned ḥadith text of Imām al-Qāḍī Yūsuf al-Nabhāni (1849–1932), a Shāfiʿī jurist and Levantine gnostic. In it, he has compiled forty integral aḥādīth [prophetic narrations], on topics ranging from the core fundamental monotheistic belief of Islam to remedies of one’s affairs in accordance to the sharīʿah and […]

Book Spotlight: Merit of Knowledge and Scholars

This translation of ‘The Merit of Knowledge and Scholars’ by Shaykh Muḥammad Naqī ‘Alī Khān al-Qādirī  expands on the methodology of the scholars – discussing the virtues of seeking sacred knowledge and the merits that ensue. A guide for the seeker who aims to travel the path of knowledge and remove himself from the state […]

Book Spotlight: Al-Sarf Al-Jilani

Our first book was a primer on the science of arabic etymology [ṣarf] which was a huge success. Our aim and objective was to make the learning of the foundation of arabic language simple and easy to digest. We learnt a great deal from this process and made a lot of changes to our workflow […]

Welcome to Our Website

All praise is for the One who brought into existence the skies and grounds. And peace and salutations upon the one whom was a prophet when Ādam was between water and soil; and upon his household and companions. To proceed: Welcome to the Sadr Ul Ulama Academy website. We are a UK based academy focused […]